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Montana Photographer
Destination Photographer

Hi Friends!

My name is Krysti and this cutie next to me is my second shooter, co-pilot and favorite human, Michael! We have two beautiful fur babies, Moki and Lance that you might have noticed under the stories tab...​ we might have a little obsession with them haha!

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About Us

Always Up For An Adventure!

We're high school sweethearts from West Yellowstone, MT and moved to Whitefish, MT in 2018 and we just love it here! I mean, how can you not?!? We both got our pilots license last year and our favorite trip was our flight over the BOB (Bob Marshall)! We also love hiking in Glacier and wish we could more but with two big German Shepherds we do most of our adventures in the surrounding areas.

We LOVE adventure and are totally down for a crazy hike to a beautiful location or just chilling at the comfort of your home to get those more intimate moments. Either way we'll create something meaningful that will last forever!


What are we about...

It wasn't until our own wedding that we fell in love with photography. We both knew we never wanted to be that pushy photographer and think we've done just that. We want you to enjoy your day while also having those dreamy photos you can look on with fondness and joy. We're BIG into adventure so if you have a hiking-adventure in mind we definitely want to know about it!

We cannot wait to hear from you!

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